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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Review


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z features most of our favorite characters including our hero Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is a game developed by Artlink and its genre is action. Dragon Ball Z is rated T according to ESRB and it was released in January 2014. This new game will let the players team up to 4 players on each side to make for very exciting and entertaining battles. You will also be able to take on some of the bloodiest battles, brawls and challenges from other players. Dragon Ball Z is back and it has never looked this good, this is an exciting news for all the Dragon Ball Z fans. This game takes us closer to action as ever by showing us the spectacle of combat and at the same time they gave given it more depth. There is less technical proficiency than some of the other Dragon Ball Z games.

Battle of Z meaning Zoku who is the main character in Dragon Ball series is a fighting game with energy blasts, special combo attacks, stunning battles and Good vs Evil. Goku whole purpose in life has been fighting the bad guys and he does it better than anyone. He is blessed with many powers that help this legendary character defeat his enemies. Battle of Z brings us three-dimensional movement and much larger arenas. It also allows the players to run along the ground or fly in any direction. If you are fan of Dragon Ball Z then you are going to love the Dragon Ball Grab mode and they also offer you all for one team modes in Dragon ball Z Battle of Z. This game is a spectacle that needs to be experienced and you will have a good time playing this action game.

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