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FIFA 17 Review



FIFA 17 will take you as far as you can go as fans of Football by living their story on and off the pitch as Alex Hunter, who is a Premier League Prospect and he is hungry to make his mark in the world of Football. You also have option to play online with some of the best players of the game and polish your game playing with them. You can also play one on one with your friends which is really improved from the last edition of FIFA. FIFA 17 is a game developed by EA Sports Vancouver and its genre is Sports. FIFA 17 is rated E according to ESRB and it was released in September 2016. FIFA 17 is a game that should not be ignored and let me tell you, this game is definitely an upgrade from the previous version of FIFA. EA Sports have improved each year trying to make the experience as real as it possibly can be. FIFA 17 gives us the introduction called The Journey and it works very well.

FIFA franchise has millions of fans across the world and every year they give their all to make the perfect game for all the players. There are always rooms for improvement when you are chasing perfection. FIFA 17 brings you the ultimate team in a new way to make it more interesting with the story line and also to get you spend some money on goodies. The online component is better than ever before with multiplayer and online clubs matches. There are also some glitches in the game but not to worry, there is always hope for next year and the release of FIFA 18 which will here in no time. Overall, FIFA 17 is an amazing game and it will keep you on the edge of you seat when you are playing FIFA 17 with you friends or online.

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